Catalina & Bruno
                     Bruno always wanted to fuck Catalina. They were in the same major and he would stare at her constantly. His teacher's couldn't understand why such a talented individual had so much trouble concentrating on his classes. He would sit there for hours fantasizing about fucking this hot 18 year old college virgin. Who would've thought that he'd get the opportunity to do everything he had daydreamed about doing? I mean fuck, just look at the pictures.

Bianca & Pete
                   Pete and Bianca had been dating for about 6 months in college before Bianca finally decided to put out. She had not had many boyfriends, so when she finally had sex there was no way it wouldn't be wild. The girl fucked the living shit out of Pete, I almost feel sorry for the guy. Must've had blisters.

Sue & Elton
                     Sue has had a thing for Elton for as long as I've known her. She told me that she masturbated over the thought of fucking him and naturally, I passed on the information. I guess he was pretty surprised when he found out a virgin wanted to fuck him, but never one to refuse a beautiful woman he took up the chance to fuck the shit out of her.

Gina & Elton
                  Man, sometimes women just seem to radiate to certain guys. Elton is one of them. The guy is such a fucking charmer that he even managed to fuck the college student tutoring him in music. She sucked his cock like a total slut before he bent her over and fucked her senseless. I've never seen anything like it.